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Please be aware of the new location.  Starting August 1st all sessions will be in Broomfield. 

Thank you for your interest in booking!  

I am looking forward to meeting you. Reading this entire page should help answer your questions about booking. I do not do booking over the phone, because of the high volume of inquiry.  This includes texting.  I have online booking to keep up with the steady flow of clients coming in.  This not only helps me keep up with bookings, but also insures that I don’t make any mistakes- like double booking, wrong dates, ect. If you still have questions after reading this page, I can easily be reached by email, not phone (sorry!)  


I send out emails to confirm that you unterstand the time and location you have booked for and automated reminders, but this won't help if you sumbit an email address that you do not check, so for clariety please associate a good email address to your profile.

I tend to book up to 4 months ahead so if you are not seeing any times please scroll ahead until you see times listed.  It only says “available” because I am working that day, not because I have bookings available.


I post my cancelations weekly on Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter is more reliable but if you only do facebook, make sure to not only “like” the page, also hover over the “like” button and click “get notifications, or you will never get notifications.  I can’t notify you when I have an opening any other way, there are too many people waiting, so please use social media for what it excells at!!!  


I require CC info to reserve a booking, even if you have a groupon! It will not let you book a slot unless you have cc info listed on your profile. This is to prevent no shows.  If you have a groupon and no show, your CC will be charged the price of the groupon, but your original groupon will still be good.  I know it seems silly, but that’s the way groupon does it.  If you are unhappy with the groupon you bought, you can always gift it to someone or ask for a refund….through groupon, not me.  You might not be able to get in before your groupon expires.  That’s ok.  Just get on the books and I will honor it.  I only will honor one voucher per individual, but you can buy more and gift them to friends.  Please do! I only accept one groupon per client. If groupon updates my rates, it may appear like a new groupon but it is not. Please buy some for your friends if you like, but everyone only gets one ever. I have my own deals, please ask.


If you have problems booking through the link below, send me an email: . Average response time, from one hour to one day.  Please do not frustrate yourself by trying to call . I don't have voice mail and my ringer is always off. If you are running late or there is some other time sensitive thing, text me.  Please understand that I do not do booking via text! Nore can I answer your booking problems via text. The number to text me, which is not for booking, is 303-435-8326.

Now is the moment you have been waiting for! I would like you to get a booking without any further delay.  Note the change of address.  


Please understand that I have a 24 hr cancelation policy, and you will be charged if you same day cancel or no show.  Here is the link for booking: 

New address as of August 1st:

26 Garden Center, Suite 2G- Broomfield, CO 80020

Please have a seat in the lobby and I will greet you there. 


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