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Deep Tissue/ Structural Integration
This is primarily what I do.  Deep Tissue is not just a "hard massage".  Unfortunatly this is often what people get, as therapists are commonly not properly trained in deep tissue but often fake it to get more buisness.  Properly conducted deep tissue is aimed at reaching specific muscle groups both superficial and very deep.  This does not have to be terribly painful! I always work with the person in terms of pressure and what they feel comfortable with.  We use less oil for this type of work so we can gain more traction, allowing more access to the underlying muscle masses below. This is often done with the elbow, knuckels, fingers and thumbs.  It is not uncommon to get on the table with the client, using gravity, stretching, and sometimes knees and even feet. We look at your posture and holding patterns.  This is one of the most effective methods of bodywork the western world has yet developed.



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