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 Total up each column, the highest number represents your primary dosha, the second highest represents your secondary dosha.










Thin, tall or short and thin


Medium well proportioned


Large in build


Thin as a child


Medium as a child


Plum as a child


Light bones/prominent joints


Medium bone structure


Heavy bone structure


Hard time gaining weight


Can loose weight if I try


Gain weight easily


Thin bony long face


Oval, angular face


Round, plump face


Small active dark eyes


Penetrating, light green grey or amber


Large eyes with thick lashes


Dull colored Sclera


Yellow or reddish


White and glossy


Dry or weak eyes


Redness and inflammation




Dry Skin, chaps easily


Slightly oily, sensitive skin


Thick cool, well lubricated


Dark complexioned for race


Fair Skin, sunburns easily


Tan slowly, evenly, lasts long


Tan easily


Lots freckles or moles


Skin cool longer than than others


Scanty sweat


Sweats a lot, yellowish, strong odor


Scanty sweat


Cold body


Warm body


Cold body


Dark, rough, brittle hair


Fine, light oily, or early grey hair


Thick wavy hair, little oily, dark


Dry scalp, dandruff


Healthy sweaty scalp


Healthy oily scalp


Prefer warm moist climate


Prefer cool well ventilated climate


Any climate not humid


Dry dark lips


Small soft pinkish lips


Thick moist lips


Teeth dull, uneven, brittle


Yellowish, small, gums bleed


Big whitish even teeth


Tongue dry and cracked


Soft long pinkish tongue


Heavy, thick moist tongue


Small forehead




Wide forehead


Nails dry brittle and dull


Soft pinkish flexible nails


Thick strong shiny nails


Movements fast






Variable appetite


Good appetite, irritated when hungry


Likes eating but can skip meals


Bowel movement irregular


Easy regular soft loose stools


Regular, thick, heavy stool


Constipated, hard or dry


More than once a day


Once a day


Digestion varies


Good digestion


Digestion good to slow


Warm moist food


Cold food


Warm dry food


Crave sweet, sour, salty


Crave sweet, bitter, astringent


Crave bitter, pungent, astringent


Dislike routine


Enjoy routines, like planning


Work well with routine


Creative thinker


Good initiator and leader


Good and keeping things going


Likes to stay active


Enjoys competitive exercise


Loves leisurely activity


Motivated easily






Mind relaxed w/ exercise


Keeps emotion in control w/ exercise


Keeps weight down w/, exercise


Changes mind easily




Changes opinions slowly


Feels anxiety when stressed


Anger, and frustration when stressed


Tries to avoid conflict


Dreams often, forgets


Dreams in color, remembers well


Only remembers intense dreams


Changeable moods


Forceful about expressing feelings


Steady reliable slow to change


Joints stiff


Joints flexible, inflammation


Joints strong, flexible, loose


Quick to decide, unsteady


Fairly quick, steady


Slow and steady


Sharp pain, nerve disorders


Fevers, rashes, inflammations


Excess fluids, mucus


Light sleeper 5-6 hrs


Sleeps well, 6-8 hrs


Sound heavy sleeper 8 + hrs


Money is to spend


Money is for investment


Money is easy to save


Sexual interest variable


Strong sex drive


Steady sex drive


Learns and forgets fast


Learns fast and remembers


Learns slow but retains


Cold hands and feet


Good circulation, hands warm


Moderate, hands cool


Thin fast pulse


Strong full pulse


Slow steady pulse


Variable thirst


Strong thirst


Rarely thirsty


Low stamina






Speaks fast, skips words


Speaks fast, precise and clear


Speaks softly, slowly, and sweetly



About Your Dosha

Vata- composed of the elements air and space, it's qualities are cold, dry, and dark.  Vatas are often on the skinny side, with long limbs and knobby joints that tend to pop and crack.  They are usually very intelligent theoretical thinkers.  Vatas don't do well in cold environments and need warm moist nurturing food.  They tend to have dry skin and hair.  Massage oils should have a heating moisturizing nature.  They should self oil every day.  

Kapha- composed of earth and water, it's qualities are wet, phlegmatic, pale and lethargic Kaphas are often heavy in nature, but can have very athletic figures if they work on it. They need lots of stimulation and exercise to shock them out of their lethargy.  Being cold and damp in nature, they do better in warm dry environments and need heating dry food.  Massage oils should be dry and heating in nature, and they should self oil (or get oiled) about once a week.  

Pitta- composed of fire and water is hot, oily, and bright. Pttias are often of medium build, fair haired (often with early balding and greying) and bright eyed.  Having a hot temper and a fiery nature, they do better in cool calming environments.  They are very oily in nature, and need foods that are not too spicy or heating, even perhaps raw foods if their digestion is still good.  Pittas need oils with a cooling nature that are not too heavy, and should self oil about 3 times a week.   






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