John Wilson

   Deep Tissue and Structural Integration
  Shiatsu and Kiatsu
  Ayurvedic School and Kerala
  Dosha Test

Monthly Membership
It's more of a rewards program.  Want to come regularly?  If you know you want to come in at least once a month, then consider a membership. You have your choice of at least one 60min, 90min, or 2hr session a month at a drastically discounted rate. All additional sessions that month will be sold to you at the same rate! One session will be automatically debited from your account every month. You can cancel anytime and unused sessions roll over.
60min monthly membership = $75
90min monthly membership = $100
2hr monthly membership = $135
(90min monthly also gets additional 60min sessions at $75),
(2hr monthly also gets additional 60min and 90min sessions at $75 and $100)

Monthly Memberships get special reserved booking hours as well.
Ask about it if you are interested!

Regular Hourly Rate: 
$95 - 60min
$135- 90min
$180- 2hr 
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